Pavercolor is a special color powder that you can mix with Paverpol. With this you can give Paverpol transparent the color you want. A white piece of textile soaked in the Paverpol gives you your own favorite color. The colors can be mixed with each other. Use Mix Pavercolor with some water before adding it […]

By mixing Paverpol with Paverplast, you make a plaster with which you can create a fully water-tight, weather-durable layer on your sculptures of polystyrene, plaster and self-hardening clay. Use Mix Paverplast powder with Paverpol (100 grams Paverplast on 500 gram Paverpol) into a thick plaster (such as peanut butter). So now you do not w

Paverpol is a textile hardener. Paverpol offers you endless possibilities to shape your creativity. Use Dip a piece of textile in the Paverpol. Wrap this around a sturdy frame or wire figure and let it dry. Paverpol dries quickly. Optionally, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. When it is […]

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