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Welcome to the world of fabric sculpting!

PAVERPOL allows anyone to create an original work of art from an old T-shirt to a beautiful sculpture in one day!

Paverpol is a first class textile hardener used by artists and crafters around the world not only as a hobby product but also as a professional artists medium. It was developed over 20 years ago by a group of artists in Holland to create large outdoor figures.

Paverpol is a water based polymer that is environmentally friendly. It has the AP seal for non-toxicity from the ACMI (Arts and Creative Materials Institute), and is safe for people, animals or plants. When hardened it is also fire retardant. It works best with natural materials like textiles, wood, leather, paper, moss, etc. By recycling materials around the home…such as old cotton Tshirts and bedsheets, silk scarves, tree branches, paper and cardboard, you can create instead of waste!

Push your creativity with our many products. With these you can imitate clay or stone effects, crackled or stamped paste with our many products.

So whether you wish to create indoor decor, garden sculptures, or transform old household items, Paverpol will deliver exquisite results. Come to a class and be prepared to be amazed…no experience needed!

The possibilities are endless.

Have a look at our products:

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Pavercolor is a special color powder that you can mix with Paverpol. With this you can give Paverpol transparent the color you want. A white piece of textile soaked in the Paverpol

By mixing Paverpol with Paverplast, you make a plaster with which you can create a fully water-tight, weather-durable layer on your sculptures of polystyrene, plaster and self-hard

Paverpol is a textile hardener. Paverpol offers you endless possibilities to shape your creativity. Use Dip a piece of textile in the Paverpol. Wrap this around a sturdy frame or w

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